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PsyD Grads & Dissertation Topics 2017

Congratulations to our 2017 PsyD graduates!  Dissertations will soon be available on ProQuest for students, faculty, and staff.

Roxanne Christensen, PsyDRoxanne Christensen

Transcending the Gates of Evin: Iranian Political Prisoners’ Experience of Survival



Nicole Czech, PsyDNicole Czech

The Woman’s Experience of Being Raised by a Dieting Mother



Amanda Sternitzky, PsyDAmanda Sternitzky Gurny

The Single Mother’s Experience of the Empty Nest




Debra Hamilton, PsyDDebra Hamilton

Exploring Childhood Trauma and Problem-Solving Appraisal, Relative to Adult Psychopathology



Melanie Ho, PsyDMelanie Ho

Women’s Sexual Self-Concept




Brittany Knox, PsyDBrittany Knox

Infant Feeding Determinants




Blerina Vila, PsyDBlerina Lumaj

The Experience of Albanian-Americans’ Bicultural Lifestyle



Betsy Muenk, PsyDElizabeth Muenk

The Experience of Shame in the Dissertation Process




Lindsay Najor, PsyDLindsay Najor

The Parents’ Experience of Their Child’s Opiate Addiction



Stephen Peters, PsyDSteven Peters

Military Veterans’ Perception of Communicating Forward Deployment



Sheena Sharma, PsyDSheena Sharma

Residents’ and Early-Career Physicians’ Experience of Patient Death



Ayana Simmons, PsyDAyana Simmons

The Relationship of Parentification to Self-Efficacy and Resilience



Kelly Tatarelli-Mullins, PsyDKelly Tatarelli-Mullins

The Clinician’s Experience of Treating Individuals with Recurrent Alcohol Dependence



Sara Vandenberg, PsyDSara VanDenBerg

Clinicians Experience of Their Own Mental Health Challenges While Providing Treatment



Priscilla Zoma, PsyDPriscilla Zoma

Parenting Styles and Well-Being Within the Chaldean Community



Generic silhouetteDerek Zuhlke

Experiences of Coming Out as an Atheist