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President Brown Appointed to APA Commission on Accreditation

 We are delighted to announce that MSP President Fran Brown, PsyD, was appointed to serve on the American Psychological Association’s Commission on Accreditation (APA-COA) for a three-year term that began January 1, 2021.

Photo of Dr. Fran Brown, PsyD, MSP President.

As Commissioner, Dr. Brown will fill the Board of Educational Affairs/National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology combined seat.

The APA-COA is the primary accreditor in the United States for professional education and training in psychology. The Commission reviews hundreds of doctoral, internship, and post-doctoral programs each year, and accredit those who meet stringent standards for quality and excellence in education and training in health service psychology.

Commissioners meet in Washington D.C. four times a year (or on Zoom at this time) to establish policies that govern the education of psychologists, to rigorously review complex accreditation applications (self-studies), and to determine accreditation standards.

Dr. Brown received notice of her appointment from Dr. Melanie Wilcox, BEA Chair, who stated, “CoA serves a vital role within the APA governance system, and the efforts of its members have a great impact on professional education and training in psychology. By any measure, CoA is a hardworking commission and one whose efforts are respected and deeply appreciated.”

This appointment is in alignment with Dr. Brown’s commitment to the highest standards of higher education in the field of clinical psychology and the critical importance of accountability.

“Being appointed is an honor. As a commissioner I’ll take part in ensuring quality education and training nationwide,” said Dr. Brown.  “I’ll also be learning more about best practices in the education of future psychologists — knowledge that will be of great benefit as MSP works to maintain its own APA accreditation status.”