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Diana Jasser

Diana Jasser headshot

Hometown: Novi, MI

Program: MA

Book I would recommend: My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem

Favorite Quote: “Life is all about the evolution” J.Cole

What would people be surprised to know about you? 

People might be surprised to know that as extroverted as I may seem, I need A LOT of alone time to recharge.

Name a cause you are passionate about.

I am passionate about every cause that fights for and honors the liberation of all people and the planet. A cause that I have recently been learning more about and advocating for is Health at Every Size.

Why did you chose MSP?

MSP emphasizes that every person is capable of transformation, and the humanistic and multicultural orientation really aligns with my values. Honestly, I did not see myself learning psychology anywhere else.

What do you plan to do with your degree?

After graduating, I would love to integrate my knowledge in restorative practices with the education at MSP to work with individuals, families, and communities in personal and collective healing. I am not sure exactly how this vision will be actualized, but I am looking forward to discovering that through the program.

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