End of Year Message from Dr. Blau

Dear Students,

“Always leave them wanting more” is a famous adage in entertainment, and while entertainment is not our goal, it does fit for learning too. The desire to know more is a key Diane Blau at deskmotivator for ongoing professional development.

Soon you will have completed the 2015-2016 academic year.  I hope this year contained many such moments when time passed much too quickly, when you wished there was more opportunity to explore resources and express newly generated ideas. When you were left “wanting more.”

Whether continuing your studies here or graduating, I hope you enjoyed stimulating and meaningful experiences where learning was extraordinary and you flourished within the MSP climate.

We strive to create an atmosphere at MSP that facilitates the integration of what and how you learn with who you are and want to become as an individual and as a professional psychologist.

We continue to see our core purpose as being a unique learning community inspiring growth and excellence. This year, your energy, efforts and achievements have enabled us to feel proud of our endeavors.

I wish each of you the pleasure of unplanned moments, walking among summer flowers and wandering streams, and of exploring new landscapes wherever they might be.

All the best,
Dr. Blau