Career Fair Highlights

Searching for a job is always a unique opportunity. It brings excitement, anxiety, wonder, and so much more. You refresh your email hoping that you will receive that interview invitation or position offer that you’ve been waiting for. You search the job boards for a role that calls out to you – where you can see yourself shine and grow into the professional you want to be. At the end of the day, hopefully, you realize that there are lots of roles that will provide that opportunity and the goal is simply to be open to new possibilities.

As I was helping out at the MSP Career Fair a few Fridays ago, I took the opportunity to go around and speak with a lot of the employers. I was so surprised at how many different positions were represented! It almost made me sad that I wasn’t currently job searching for a psychology position.

I spoke with a number of employers that had positions for TLLPs and LLPs to work in the school system (something that when I started in my role at MSP was a hard position to come by for a master’s level psychologist!). There were a number of organizations where you were able to make a difference in low-income communities (a passion area of mine). I spoke with an autism clinic where you could get a $10,000 signing bonus if you were willing to relocate! There was also a private clinic offering an externship for TLLPs that enabled participants to work, see clients, and go through trainings on how to run their own private practice. There were a number of assessment-focused agencies and plenty of private clinics. I was impressed by the range of clinic specialties – some wanted you to be able to see a wide array of clients, while others had a specialty of either the demographic of their clientele or focus of their therapy. Almost everyone I spoke with was open to growing with their new employees. Multiple clinics said that if they had a new hire that was interested in group therapy, interested in a specific type of client, or interested in new opportunities, they would be happy to grow in line with their employee’s passions. Overall, I saw five rooms full of employers that wanted to assist you in changing the lives of the clients at their practice or organization.

If you are still looking for a position for next year, please make sure you check out the Career Service website and look through the employers that were in attendance – there are lots of great opportunities if you are open to exploring!

A special thanks to Carrie Pyeatt, Director of Student Services, for her work on this blog posting.