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2021 PsyD Graduates & Dissertation Titles

Congratulations to our 2021 PsyD graduates! Dissertations will soon be available on ProQuest for students, faculty, and staff.

Quaneece Calhoun

The Black Woman’s Experience of Sexual Revictimization

Josephine Cervantes headshot

Josephine Cervantes

 Interfaith Relationships: Religiosity Level, Well-Being, Personality Traits, and Relationship Satisfaction Among Muslims and Christians

Nick Capaul

Nicholas Capaul

The Experience of Being a Funeral Director: A Transcendental Phenomenological Study

Photo of Brooke Colman, PsyD

Brooke Colman

Through the Lens of the Parents: Navigating the Intersectionalities of Multiracial Adoptive Families

Adam Duberstein

Adam Duberstein

 A Transcendental Phenomenological Study of the Impact of Psychologists’ Perceptions of a Client’s Political Views on the Therapeutic Interaction

Juanita Houston

Resilience, Coping, and Intersectionality as Experienced by Black, Single Mothers Obtaining Doctoral Degrees

Kelly Frazee headshot

Kelly Frazee

Examining the Interpersonal Needs and Suicidality of Discharged Army Veterans

Christine King headshot

Christine King

The Adult Woman’s Experience of the Death of Her Mother from Illness During Her Middle Childhood

Evan MacAdams headshot

Evan MacAdams

Silent Sufferers and Unseen Warriors: The Significant Other’s Experience of Chronic Pain

Andrea Rawat headshot

Andrea Rawat

Does the Discrepancy Between People’s Sexual Scripts and Their Sexual Behaviors Influence Their Perceived Sexual Satisfaction and Impact Sexual Anxiety?

Cassidy Slade headshot

Cassidy Slade

The Forgotten Voices: The Experience of Being a Teacher in the United States of America in the Age of School Rampage Shootings

Jared Smendik

Psychotherapist Burnout and Job-Resources Across Workplace Settings

Dima Swaidan headshot

Dima Swaidan

An Exploration of the Collective Effects of In-Group Discrimination, Out-Group Discrimination, and Ethnic Identity on Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction in Arab Americans

Erika Collins (PsyD)

Erika Thomas-Collins

“What Are You?”: Understanding the Experience of Colorism in Racial Identity Development for Multiracial Individuals

Frank Tripi headshot

Frank Tripi

What Are the Effects of Marijuana Use and ACE’s on a Person’s Perception of Their Chronic Pain?

Robert Willoughby

 A Heuristic Investigation of Private Ambulance Paramedics and EMTs

Irene Zarr

Journey to Self:  The Experience of Becoming a Person After Surviving Intimate Partner Violence in Emerging Adulthood