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2020: A Year of Promise

The President’s Perspective is a blog series from MSP President Fran Brown that explores the field of humanistic psychology and share insights into her experience as President. 

I can’t recall a time in my professional life when I’ve anticipated the new year with the enthusiasm I have for 2020. A new year, in a new decade, is the perfect time to appreciate this moment of blossoming for MSP.

Photo of President Fran Brown

I say blossoming because in 2020 MSP will experience major growth in realizing its full potential. Although we have been an outstanding institution of higher education for nearly 40 years, it has sometimes felt that we were an island onto ourselves.  

Now we have reached a moment in history when furthering the principles of humanistic psychology is more relevant and vitally important than ever before. In 2020, we will open the Michigan School Psychological Clinic, expanding our reach into the community with resources that are needed right now.

In this political climate of uncertainty and frustration, we may be tempted to take a break from the news, to avoid engaging with the enormity of the global issues we face. And yes, it is healthy to take a break from time to time. But what we cannot do is refuse to act locally, to turn a blind eye to challenges for those in own community, those who we do have the ability to help. We know people are suffering; every day the news headlines remind us of the devastating consequences of untreated mental illness.

From the earliest days of this institution, opening a successful community clinic has been a dream. In 2020 that dream will become a reality. The time is right. We have a new building that will house the clinic, carefully vetted, motivated and compassionate students to provide treatment, and expert, well-respected faculty who will provide clinical oversight.  

We’ll also be opening the doors to our new event space that will allow the wider community to join us for informal educational opportunities, and events that will promote the understanding of humanistic psychology and its relevance to our current times.  

At MSP we envision a future with healthy people, healthy relationships, and healthy communities. In the new year we embark on the next leg of the journey that helps bring that vision to life.

I can’t wait.