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Student Programming


Students visit with therapy dogs.

Students visit with therapy dogs from Dr. Paws.

Student Programming at MSP is focused on enriching the student academic experience through educational and social activities.  Our goal is to create opportunities for students to have fun, be creative, and deepen their connection to each other and to the larger MSP community.  

Additionally, fundraising for local nonprofit organizations is an essential part of Programming.  Throughout the academic year, students have the opportunity to support organizations such as HAVEN, Sanctum House, The Metta Yoga Project, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Affirmations, Micah 6 Community, and more.

Monthly Programming Topics

Monthly Programming Topics connect directly to classroom themes to spark creativity and foster growth on key tenets of humanistic psychology.  Each academic year, a new overall theme is developed with a month by month sub-theme that inspires engaging activities and initiatives on campus.

This year, Student Engagement is working closely with faculty to highlight the importance of clinical specializations.  A common theme from Career Services Week (held in June 2018) was the importance of specialization, particularly for early career psychologists.  Each month, students will have the opportunity to engage with a particular clinical specialty (listed below).  Our goal is to provide ample exposure to the clinical experience of both the clinician and the client.

Monthly Programming Topics 2018/19

September – Substance Abuse
October – Developmental/Intellectual Disability
November – Anxiety/Depression
January – Trauma
February – Marriage/Couples Therapy
March – Family Therapy
May – Child Centered Therapy
June – Sexuality 

Upcoming Events

Click here to see upcoming Student Programming events posted on our Event Calendar.