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Student Programming at MSP is focused on enriching the student academic experience through educational and social activities. 

Our goal is to create opportunities for students to have fun, be creative, expand knowledge, and deepen their connection to each other and to the larger MSP community.  

Fundraising for local nonprofit organizations is an essential part of Programming. Throughout the academic year, students have the opportunity to support organizations such as HAVEN, Sanctum House, The Metta Yoga Project, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Affirmations, Micah 6 Community, and more.

Monthly Programming Model

Our Monthly Programming Model creates a direct connection between programming activities and academic material to spark creativity and foster a deeper connection with the key tenets of humanistic psychology. 

This year, our programming theme is the student choice. Programming events offer students a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom, so it’s important that these events cover topics that are relevant and interesting to student’s clinical work. 

Each month* the student programming offered will focus on a content area(s) chosen by the student body. 

October – Depression and Anxiety

November – Families and Substance Abuse

January – Trauma

February – Racism, Bias, and Discrimination

March – Environmental Psychology

May – Career Service Month and Imposter Syndrome

June – Gender and Sexual Identity 

*September will focus on welcoming students to campus with social programming. December, April, and July will focus on programming that prepares students for their finals.


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