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Psychological Educational Advancement Award

Psychological Educational Advancement Award (PEAA)

The Psychological Educational Advancement Award (PEAA) is given to MSP students who participate in designated MSP events outside of the classroom that foster continued educational development of clinical skills and self as a clinician.

Students who successfully complete all award requirements will receive certificate from Student Engagement at end of the academic year. This award can be highlighted on your resume or CV and will offer you the opportunity to discuss your increased knowledge on the topics covered at these events with future employers.


In order to be eligible for the PEAA, students must attend a minimum of six educational events offered through MSP during the academic year and submit a short essay through Moodle on what they have learned at the event and how it will benefit their career in clinical psychology, ABA or their development as a clinician. In order to receive the award, two of the six events attended must have a multicultural component. The goal of this award is to provide students with high quality professional development opportunities and foster community engagement at MSP, as such, only designated MSP Student Engagement events may be counted towards PEAA activities.

PEAA eligible events will be noted on the event RSVP page.

How to Get Started

Current students interested in participating should visit the PEAA page on Moodle..



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