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The Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance (IDEA)


MSP’s IDEA, which consists of members of the faculty, staff, and students, is committed to facilitating ongoing discussions of multicultural issues that are related to professional psychology.

The alliance explores how topics of diversity impact, and are impacted by, clinical practice and training, as well as public discourses on local, state, and national levels. Individual and group action, and social justice, in general, is emphasized. The alliance also attempts to identify program strengths and weaknesses regarding diversity, and make suggestions to improve multicultural competencies for the entire MSP community.

Membership Requirements

Any current student is welcome to join IDEA! Reach out to any member of the Executive Board to share your interest and get the full schedule of meetings and events.

2023/24 Executive Board

President – Jasmine Perin (PsyD 2)
Vice President – Courtney Cabell (PsyD 3)
Programming Chairs – Alizay Naqvi (MA), Carly Percy (PsyD 4), Jifune Hermiz (MA) 
Marketing Chair – Ashley Ball (MA)
Secretary – Shahzad Qurashi (MA)                                                                                    Treasurer – Siba Alzohaili (PsyD 2) 
Staff Advisor – Carrie Pyeatt, Director of Student Services
Faculty Advisor –  Dr. River Farrell


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