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Online Tuition Payment

How to Access your Bill & Pay Tuition Online

Tuition payments for enrolled students may be made online through the student database, Empower.

After paying the admissions deposit, first-time students are emailed a username and password to electronically access their student records including tuition billing, payment plans, financial aid, and grades. You must have your username and password to pay online.

1. Access the Empower website (msp.edu → Current Students).

Screenshot of Current Student page on website


2. Sign in using your username and password.

Username = first letter of 1st name + last name
Password = 1st four letters of last name + 1st four numbers of ID# (case sensitive)

Screenshot of Student Empower Login


3. Click on the Financials tab and click on “Billing Detail Summary” from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of Billing Detail Summary on Empower


4. Note the total outstanding obligation for your account shows but also the payment plan amount and due date (if you have one setup). Enter your payment (either the payment plan amount or you can change it if you’d like to pay more) and click Submit Payment button. You will have the opportunity to review the amount again on the next screen before your card is charged.

In the example below, though the running balance is $11,333.00, the monthly installment due is $5,666.50.

To set up a payment plan, please contact the Director of Financial Aid at (248) 476-1122 ext. 121.

Screenshot of Empower Billing Detail Summary detail

5. On the next screen you’ll have a chance to review your payment amount before submitting.

6. After clicking Next, you will be redirected to PayPal. You have the option to pay using your PayPal account or by entering your credit card information.
Paypal image

7. After completing your payment, check your MSP email account for a receipt of your transaction. The payment will also be reflected on your Student Statement.








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