Student scholarship recipients 2015/16

MSP is committed to contributing annually to assist in student scholarships and aid. Scholarship and financial assistance funding is supported by gifts from alumni, family, and friends. Generally, funds are disbursed in the form of tuition credit.

This academic year Kat Lewitzke, fourth year PsyD student, was awarded the Jill Benton Humanistic Psychology Scholarship (JBHPS), and Kate Caddy, also a fourth year PsyD student, was awarded the Aombaye Ramsey Diversity Award (ARDA). The honorees have written acceptance statements for their scholarship awards.

Jill Benton Humanistic Psychology Scholarship (JBHPS)

This scholarship honors Jill Benton, former MSP librarian and alum, and her commitment to humanistic psychology. The JBHPS supports a PsyD student who is committed to advancing the science and practice of humanistic psychology as demonstrated by excellence in scholarship.

Katherine Lewitzke, PsyD 4“It is truly an honor to be this year’s recipient of the Jill Benton Scholarship award. My time as a doctoral student has been quite the journey. Ming-Dao Deng, a Chinese-American author, said that, “if you have a good idea, use it so that you will not only accomplish something, but so that you can make room for new ones to flow into you.” This quote is relative to my doctoral experience; that everything I have worked towards has been just one building block for the next thing. Life is a continuous process of growth and change, and I have truly come to appreciate the practice and meaning of humanistic psychology throughout these past four years.

I am passionate about the humanistic practitioner-scholar model advocated at MSP, and have taken an active role in representing our school by spreading awareness of diversity, social justice, and multi-culturalism through various domains. I have also presented at conferences ranging from regional to national level, had the privilege to work as a TA, and successfully passed the EPPP in January at the doctoral level. To me the meaning of ‘humanistic’ stems beyond clinical practice. It is a lifestyle; one that truly integrates the actions of lifelong learning with positive growth and change. I value humanistic teachings, which is why I was initially drawn to MSP. I am grateful for my experiences and many opportunities thus far throughout my doctoral career, and plan to continue embracing humanistic principles following graduation. “

Aombaye Ramsey Diversity Award (ARDA)

The Aombaye Ramsey Diversity Award (ARDA) was created in 2004 to honor Dr. Aombaye Ramsey’s lifelong commitment to social justice. This award supports a PsyD student who shares that same commitment to advocate on behalf of diversity issues. Priority will be given to applicants who belong to an ethnic, racial, or cultural group traditionally underrepresented in the field of psychology.

Kate Caddy“I believe in the simplicity of equality: equal rights for all to live peacefully and love freely. Diversity is not enough. Tolerance is not enough. People should be celebrated and embraced within a just society for who they are: equal members of the community. These tenets are shared by the MSP community and I am proud to be able to represent MSP through my research, my work, and my voice. As Dr. Ramsey’s commitment to social justice illuminated the path for those to follow, I add my light to his and those who came before me, using my voice, my vision, and the education MSP has provided to lead into an unjust society, lighting the darkness where prejudice and intolerance resides. It is truly an honor to accept such an esteemed award. This award has helped me continue to persevere in the process and towards the goal of greater diversity and increased social justice.”