Research & Presentations: Second Semester 2018

Research scholarship is a growing part of the student experience at MSP.  We are proud of the many faculty and students, who, in addition to academic responsibilities, challenge themselves to complete and share research with the wider community. 

The diverse clinical interests of our faculty and students create numerous opportunities for research collaborations and contributions. This update includes research activities that were completed during second semester from January 3, 2018 until April 6, 2018.

Fran Brown (MSP Program Director), gave the keynote speech entitled “Coming Out in Stages: A Developmental Approach to LGBTQ Identity” in celebration of the 1 year anniversary of the founding of the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) meeting in Grosse Pointe, MI on March 4, 2018.

Tamika Davis-Moore (MA), Katelyn Hannivan, Emily Wilcox, Audrey Torma, and Melissa Wilson presented a poster entitled “What’s the Function? Using Trial Based Functional Analyses in a Clinical Setting” at the Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan (BAAM) conference hosted by Western Michigan University on February 16, 2018.

Heidi Martin (Director of Clinical Training) co-authored a peer reviewed abstract for the study “Cognitive and Physical Effects of an Exercise Program with Enrichment on Patients Who Have Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury” included in the following publication.

Alkebulan, R.,  Roskos, P. T., Martin, H.,  Mahal, H., Morck, K., Savage, S., . . . Peduzzi, J.  (2018, March). Cognitive and physical effects of an exercise program with enrichment on patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. In Abstracts of scientific papers and posters presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Academic Physiatrists: Atlanta, Georgia; February 13-17, 2018. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 97(3), a5. doi:10.1097/PHM.0000000000000880 

Michigan Academy of Arts and Letters – March 9, 2018

Posters were presented by the following PsyD 1 students:

Erika Collins “Stigmatization: The Effects on Self-Perception;”

Sarah Chehab “The Impact of Child Maltreatment on Attachment;”

Kelly Frazee “Stress and Coping Techniques Among Children in Military Families;”

Michelle Justice “Group Identification and Recidivism: Understanding How to Better Help Criminal Offenders;”

Rebecca Kapetansky “Social Stigma, Belonging, and Social Influence: The Autism Experience;”

Evan MacAdams “Social Support in the Treatment of Pain;”

Brittany Rutland “Social Conformity in Group Therapy;”

William Sisung “Substance Use Treatment for Women;”

Dima Swaidan “Social Influence on Adolescent Substance Use and Effective Treatment Options;”

Farah Zoabi “Social Influence and Persuasion in Psychotherapy.”

Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting – April 12-14, 2018


“LGB Adults in Relationships: Ego- and Partner-Focused Sexual Satisfaction” by Dustin Shepler (Core Faculty), Jared Smendik (PsyD 2), Katie Cusick (PsyD 3), and David Tucker (PsyD 4).


Jessica Dluzynski (Adjunct Faculty) and Dustin Shepler (Core Faculty): “A Quantitative Assessment of Anxiety and Human-Animal Interaction.”

Melanie Ho (PsyD ’17) and Dustin Shepler (Core Faculty): “Women’s Perceptions of Their Sexual Self-Concept After Becoming Mothers.”

Dustin Shepler (Core Faculty), Douglas Callan, PhD (Core Faculty), Kenneth Pollok (MA), Andrea Rawat (PsyD 3), Alicia Width (PsyD 3), Charles Oliver (PsyD 1), and Michelle Justice (PsyD 1): “Interrater Reliability on the ASEBA: Implications for Diagnostic Assessment.”

Dustin Shepler (Core Faculty), Douglas Callan, PhD (Core Faculty), Michelle Justice (PsyD 1), Charles Oliver (PsyD 1), Alicia Width (PsyD 3), Andrea Rawat (PsyD 3), and Kenneth Pollok (MA): “Sluggish Cognitive Tempo: Clinical and Research Implications from Clinical Data.”

Dustin Shepler (Core Faculty), Andrea Obah (MA), Alyssa Sacka (MA), Brian Burgoyne (MA), Kristen Suing (PsyD 4), and Brittany Linton (PsyD 4): “Predicting Anti-Transgender Attitudes in Straight, White Adults.”

Society for Humanistic Psychology (APA Division 32) Annual Conference – March 22-25, 2018


“#MeToo: Liberating Feminist Empathy” by Vanessa Brown (Adjunct Faculty).

“Research, Ethics, and Social Justice: A Humanistic Approach to Research” by Shannon Chávez-Korell (Core Faculty), Heather Miller, and Louis Hoffman.

“Moving the Boulder: Repairing Relationships by Bridging Political Differences” by Adam Duberstein (PsyD 1), Kevin Keenan (Core Faculty), Sarah Chehab (PsyD 1), Evan MacAdams (PsyD 1), Dima Swaidan (PsyD 1), Kelly Frazee (PsyD 1), and Rebecca Kapatansky (PsyD 1).

“#UsToo: An Experiential Uniting Through the Pain of America’s Rape Culture” by Betz King (Associated Faculty), Gina Belton, Vanessa Brown (Adjunct Faculty), Katie Darling (PsyD ’14), Theopia Jackson, Sarah Kamens, Sarah Kass, Constance Kellogg, Trisha Nash, Sara Obenauer, Donna Rockwell (PsyD ’04), Sarah Schulz, and Lisa Vallejos.

“Therapy as Ritual: Sacred Intentionality in the 50-minute Hour” by Betz King (Associated Faculty).

“A Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death: Perspectives on Pixar’s Coco” by Sarah Kass, Brent Dean Robbins, and Dr. Kevin Keenan (Core Faculty).


Lee Bach (Core Faculty): “Self Transformation Through Heuristic Inquiry.”

Brian Burgoyne (MA), Holly Spencer (MA), James Dagostino (MA ’17), and Lee Bach (Core Faculty): “Personal Growth Through Therapeutic Writing”.

Christopher Corbin (MA): “How Religion/Spirituality Can Aid the Psychological Process.”

Jamie Sharpe (PsyD 2): “The Influence of Interpersonal Relationships on Self-Concept.”

Cassidy Slade (PsyD 1) and Holly Spencer (MA): “Building and Maintaining Self-Esteem Through Healthy Support Systems in Adolescents.”

Irene Zarr (PsyD 2): “Call for Graduate Education in the Treatment of Intimate Partner Violence.”