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Research & Presentations

Academic scholarship is essential to the MSP community.  This year, we recognize the following contributions by our faculty and students during the 2016/17 Academic calendar:

Publications (September 2016-May 2017):

Dr. Ryan Blackstock (Core Faculty) authored the following article in the International Journal of Role-Playing.

Blackstock, R. (2016). Origin stories: The phenomenological relationship between players and their characters. International Journal of Role-Playing, 7, 5-9.

Dr. Dustin Shepler (Core Faculty) authored the following paper in the College Student Journal with Dr. Kristin Perrone-McGovern published December 2016.

Shepler, D., & Perrone-McGovern, K. (2016). Differences in psychological distress and esteem based on sexual identity development. College Student Journal, 50(4), 579-89.


Dr. Douglas Callan (Core Faculty) presented “Communication styles and MSfor the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Family Day Conference in April 2017.  Dr. Callan will also present to Birmingham Maple Clinics on “The Role of Personality Disorders in Treatment” in May 2017.

Nathan Hayrynen (PsyD 1) facilitated a workshop on dream therapy, covering Imagery Rehearsal Therapy and the DRAW method of dream interpretation in March.


Society for Humanistic Psychology Annual Conference – March 2017

Dr. Diane Blau (MSP President) and Dr. Lee Bach (Core Faculty) presented “Self Transformation Through Heuristic Inquiry.”

Dr. Kevin Keenan (Core Faculty) presented “Using Supervision/Consultation for Personal Development As A Therapist: Recognize and Work Through Countertransference Issues” with MSP alum Dr. Nicole Reynolds (PsyD 2014).  Dr. Keenan also presented “Four Authors In Search of Meaning: Implications of The Film ‘Anesthesia’ For Understanding How We Construct Meaning In A Meaningless World” with Dr. Sarah Kass, Dr. Brent Dean Robbins, and Dr. Alicia Trotman.

Dr. John Brennan (Associated Faculty) and Dr. Betz King (Associated Faculty) presented “”Who Let the Dogs Out? Clinical and Forensic Implications of the Rapidly Growing Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Movement.”

Dr. Betz King (Associated Faculty) presented “Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy” with MSP alum Dr. Vanessa Brown (PsyD 2013).  Dr. King also presented “Unleashed: Communication of Emotionally-Charged Topics Between Individuals with Differences in Political Viewpoints” with Adam Duberstein (MA), Jessica Dluzynski (PsyD 4), and Amanda Sternitzky (PsyD 4).

Dr. Donna Rockwell (Adjunct Faculty) presented “The Ethics of Mindful Awareness in the Therapy Room and the Lifeworld.”

Roxanne Christensen (PsyD 4) presented “Creating Justice, Finding Humanity, and Supporting Love: Behind the Gates of Evin.”

 Lindsay Najor (PsyD 4), Priscilla Zoma (PsyD 4), and Alicia Width (PsyD 2) presented “”Working With Clients From Collective Cultures with A Humanistic Perspective.”

Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Conference – April 2017

Dr. Dustin Shepler (Core Faculty) presented the poster “Comparisons of Desired Partner Behaviors: Sexual Identity and Gender” with Alicia Width (PsyD 2), Kevin Johnson (PsyD 3), and Priscilla Zoma (PsyD 4).  Dr. Shepler also presented a poster “Balancing Multiple Minority Statuses in the LGB Community” with Alicia Width, Kristen Suing (PsyD 3), and Andrea Rawat (PsyD 2).  He also presented the poster “Exploration of Sexual Anxiety, Dysfunction, and Satisfaction for LGB People” with Kristen Suing and Jared Smendik (PsyD 1).