Reflections from President Blau: Footprints

Each month Dr. Diane Blau, MSP President, shares what’s on her mind and in her heart regarding The Michigan School and the field of professional psychology. 

President Diane Blau

When a new year begins, it provides the opportunity to reframe our perspectives, and re-direct our inner compasses. Like freshly fallen snow, it offers a blank canvas upon which to place our unique footprints. And we can, should we have the awareness and intention, select an altered choreography.

Perhaps our steps allow for more conscious management of time, and more generous self-care. While there may be as many or more responsibilities calling for our attention, we determine how and when we best address them.

We know, by now,  the way we handle heavy workloads and the rationalizations we use to avoid and delay tackling what is most challenging. Many of us have done this for long periods of time.  It is easy to fall into old patterns and still believe that doing the same thing over and over will eventually deliver a different result.

In periods of reflection and self-confrontation, we do know that something else is called for. For me, it is being more mindful of work-life balance and realizing that I am accountable for the footprints I make and the direction and rhythm in which they move. The actual music may not be all mine, but I create the movement within.

I invite you, as 2018 dawns, to engage in some moments of self-inquiry and consider what you might alter to foster a consistent and positive sense of well-being.