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Reflections from President Blau: Centering

Our monthly blog feature from MSP President, Dr. Diane Blau, discussing what’s on her mind and in her heart regarding MSP and the field of professional psychology. 

President Diane Blau

The month of December at MSP arrives with anticipation. Only a few more weeks of classes and the first semester is over. Days ahead devoid of assigned reading, papers, presentations and exams. Moments filled with celebration, time with family and friends, and perhaps even periods alone. A change in routine, a pause in the typical rush and rhythm of our day, an opportunity to reacquaint us with a most important person – ourselves.

I invite you to engage in what may be for you an unusual ritual. Make time for you. Take inventory. Pause. Breathe. Because we lead full and often hectic lives, morning turns to night before we realize a day has passed, Monday to Friday speeds by and the weekend, too. Where did Saturday go? Sometimes it feels like we are running a race that we can never finish.

When I find myself at this “out of breath” point, I take myself off of “automatic pilot” and literally stop in my tracks. Definitely, time to take inventory. Off center and unaware yet again? How did I get to this point? Hopefully, this phenomenon returns less frequently in the future and I can intervene more rapidly. Alone-time and self-reflection help.

Following instances of self-study and exploration and, I hope you will have gained awareness of ways of being that serve you in more rewarding ways. When you return for the second semester, perhaps you may choose to implement personal practices that nurture you and enhance your learning experience.

There is time and opportunity for all – celebration, joyful engagement, and self-reflection.

May the holidays be memorable and the New Year bright with promise.