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Vincent Mangiapane

Vincent Mangiapane headshot

Hometown: Washington, MI

Program: MA

Book I would recommend: The Gift of Therapy by Irvin Yalom

Favorite Quote: “You can only lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.” My second favorite is “When you hear hoof beats think of horses not zebra.” Both unknown.

What is a cause you’re passionate about? 

I am incredibly passionate about a plethora of issues; especially, social issues. However, both professionally and academically, I am most interested about grief and loss. I am mostly interested in the loss of a child and the parent’s response to the loss.

What makes MSP special?

The genuine care, guidance, and respect from the staff. The educators and staff of MSP make MSP what it is. The connections made are life changing and provide the comfort that you will need while in the program.

What is your plan for after graduation?

After graduation I plan on getting straight into the PsyD program. With my degrees, I plan on being primarily an outpatient therapist, part time faculty at local collages and universities, and assessment work on the side. I love the versatility within the field and look forward to the life MSP is helping me create!

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