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Student in Need Grant (SING)

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SING grants are need-based and awarded to students who are in good academic standing, but are at risk of withdrawal due to unforeseen financial hardships. The grant was first funded by an anonymous MA alumna who achieved her Master of Arts degree at MSP while enduring many life challenges. This generous alum vowed to support future students who face similar difficulties.

SING grants are awarded to approximately 3-8 recipients per academic year who likely have exhausted all other avenues of funding. Grants have been used for unexpected expenses such as medical bills, home and automobile repair, lost wages due to medical reasons, and a host of other unique situations. More than 97% of SING recipients have graduated or are on track to graduate.

“The SING grant has been a gift to me in my time of need,” said one recipient. “Not only did it relieve my immediate physical concern, but it alleviated the extra associated stress and allowed me to continue focusing on my class work and practicum. I am so truly grateful that this resource existed and was available to me.”


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