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Donate to the Michigan School Psychological Clinic

You probably know of individuals who are suffering with mental health issues but are either uninsured or can’t afford their deductibles and copays. Or perhaps you know of parents who lack the substantial financial resources needed to pay for the psychological and educational testing that may help their children who are experiencing learning and/or behavioral difficulties in the classroom.

With a gift to the Michigan School Psychological Clinic and Compassion Fund you will directly impact the quality of life for those who lack access to high-quality mental health services:

  • A gift of $500 funds comprehensive testing for a child falling behind academically at a time when they should be getting the critical services available to them – but only after testing provides an eligible diagnosis.
  • A gift of $250 will provide 8 units of ABA services for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.
  • Based on our sliding scale, a gift of $100 has the potential to provide up to 20 psychotherapy sessions to underinsured individuals who otherwise would not have financial resources or access to care.

Every donation matters. Every donation transforms lives.


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