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Celebrating MSP Core Values: 3 Button Brownbag Series

This October, MSP is celebrating our name change and rebranding campaign with the 3 Button Brown Bag (3BBB) series.  The purpose of the series is to explore and engage with MSP’s three updated Core Values through experiential lectures and individual challenges.

Here’s how it will work.  Each week during the first three weeks of the month, Student Engagement will focus on one Core Value.  Students will have the opportunity to attend a Brown Bag lecture presented by a MSP faculty member and also participate in personal challenges related to the Core Value of the week.

The personal challenges are designed to inspire students to explore the humanistic values that underlie MSP’s Core Values in their own lives.  For example, during Week 1, one of the challenges asks students to consider the importance of cultural competency in the clinical setting.  The challenge continues, “Brainstorm 5 different ways you can increase your cultural competency and do at least 1 this week.”

For each lecture that is attended or challenge that is completed, students will receive a small button stating the Core Value that they have explored. 

Three Button Brown Bag Series:

Core Value buttonWeek 1: “We Respect Every Person, Period.” 

Presenter: Dr. Shannon Chávez-Korell

October 4 at 5 PM



Week 2: “We Value Genuine Relationships.”

Presenter: Dr. Ryan Blackstock

October 9 at 12:15 PM



Week 3: “We Practice What We Teach.”

Presenter: Dr. Lee Bach

October 17 12:30 PM



Button with new MSP logoParticipants who earn all three buttons will also receive a button featuring the new MSP logo.