PsyD Student Ambassadors

MSP Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the student body and are here to answer any questions you may have about student life at MSP.

Our ambassadors each bring a unique personal perspective to student life – some are fresh out of undergraduate studies, some balance parenthood and classwork, and some are taking classes part-time and working.

Each ambassador has volunteered personal information they are willing to share with prospective students.

If you would like to contact one of the ambassadors below regarding their experience(s) at MSP, please feel free to email them.

Doctor of Clinical Psychology Program

First Year

Manda Harp

[email protected]

Manda is a 1st year PsyD student and also a graduate of the full-time MA program and would love to share her experiences at MSP.

Ray Kaidbay

[email protected]

Ray is a first year student in the PsyD program at MSP. She pursued her BA in Psychology in Lebanon and her master's in the UK. She co-founded a mental health initiative called Be Brave Beirut that provides free and anonymous remote emotional support. She is currently the Student Services Graduate Assistant and the Vice President of the IDEA program. Feel free to reach out to her!

Klarissa Matanos

Klarissa Matanos

[email protected]

Hello! I am a PsyD-1 student and just graduated from the full-time MA program from MSP. I am an Arab American and first generation college student. I have many areas of interest including: eating disorders, trauma in our first responders, suicide prevention, and creating programs to prevent recidivism.

Jasmine Perin

[email protected]

Jasmine Perin earned her Masters in Clinical Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis at MSP. She is passionate about reducing barriers that might come up for students during their educational journey. She is the former president and vice president of IDEA, and she is currently the marketing chair for IDEA. Jasmine believes in the infinite possibilities of human behavior and advocates for rest and self compassion!

Ethan Reischling

[email protected]

Ethan earned his MA at MSP before continuing on to the PsyD program. He completed his Bachelor’s in Psychology at Grand Valley State University. He is a proponent of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and is passionate about assisting others in continuing their education, especially in psychology. He is eager to have honest conversations about what graduate school entails.

Second Year

Photo of Courtney Cabell

Courtney Cabell

[email protected]

Courtney entered the PsyD program after completing the full-time MA program at MSP. She has experience in balancing the demands of full-time study, full-time work, and family. She is passionate about serving underprivileged and underrepresented populations such as foster children and minorities.

Photo of Devon Kardel

Devon Kardel

[email protected]

Devon received a masters degree in clinical health psychology from the University of Michigan - Dearborn and has experience working in private practice and hospital settings. She is also a certified brain injury specialist, working on a geek therapy certification, and is an author, public speaker, and freelance writer on mental health topics.

Photo of Vincent Mangiapane

Vincent Mangiapane

[email protected]

Vincent is a PsyD student and completed his MA at MSP part-time. He is a first generation graduate student and a member of the LGBT community. He started the MA program immediately after earning his bachelor's degree.

Qandeel Minal

Qandeel Minal

[email protected]

Qandeel is a first generation immigrant who wants to emphasize mental health in the South Asian community. She is pursuing her PsyD and plans to open up her own private practice.

Photo of Tara Pope

Tara Pope

[email protected]

Tara entered the PsyD program after completing the MA/ABA program at MSP. She enrolled at MSP five years after receiving her Bachelor's degree in Biology.

Photo of Avery Potvin

Avery Potvin

[email protected]

Avery is a PsyD student and a graduate of MSP's MA program. She is an international student and commutes to MSP while residing in Canada. She also works in private practice as a supervised therapist in Windsor, Ontario.

Third Year

Marissa Arrigoni

[email protected]

Marissa is a PsyD 3 student coming from a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She primarily works with children and adolescents, with some experience in working with emerging adults. Marissa moved to Michigan from Maine for the PsyD program and would love to discuss this, or any, experiences with you

Christopher Bernardo

[email protected]

Chris is a PsyD student and a graduate of the MSP MA part-time program. He is back in his home state of Michigan after a decade in NYC in order to accomplish his dream of becoming a clinical psychotherapist.

Carly Percy

[email protected]

Carly entered the PsyD program after completing MSP's full-time master's program. She is a first-generation college student and has specific interests in neuropsychology and trauma. She also works as a supervised therapist seeing 7-8 clients per week in Ann Arbor, MI.

Fourth Year

Photo of Shamane Brown


[email protected]

Sharmane entered the PsyD program after earning an MA at MSP. She is African American, a Veteran, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Nadeen Majeed

[email protected]

Nadeen entered the PsyD program after earning her MA from MSP. Her specific interests include health psychology and neuropsychology. She would love to talk to you about her experience as a graduate student.

Breanna Thornton

[email protected]

Breanna has been practicing for over 10 years and holds a certification with additions/SUD. SHe works with general disorders, neruropsychological testing, and more! She lives in the thumb and commutes for school and practicum. Her dissertation is researching a pregnant woman's experience/use of spirtuality and how it impacts mental health and quality of life.


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