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Stock photo of male presenting person in a telehealth session with a female presenting person on a laptop.Clinical training is an integral part of MSP’s MA program. Students are placed in practicum under the direction of experienced clinicians. The goal of practicum training is for MA graduate students to acquire the theoretical knowledge, clinical competencies, and self-awareness needed to become competent effective practitioners and to develop a professional identity.

Students who are completing the MA with an ABA concentration can find information about the ABA Fieldwork Standards on the BACB® website.

How long is the practicum?

Consistent with MSP’s practitioner-scholar model philosophy, full-time 11 month program students are in practicum for all three semesters in which they are enrolled. To maximize learning and skill development, the practicum may not be condensed into a shorter timeframe. Part-time students also complete the practicum in three semesters, but in year two of enrollment.

How many hours are completed?

A total of 500 hours are completed over the academic year; 25% of those hours must be in direct face-to-face contact with clients. Typically students are at their sites 2 to 3 days, for 12 to 15 hours per week.

What about supervision?

In accordance with State of Michigan licensing requirements, students receive a minimum of 8 hours of supervision per month from a licensed psychologist.

What kinds of sites are available?

A variety of settings are approved for practicum, including community-based clinics, residential facilities, substance abuse settings, schools, and outpatient psychiatric clinics.

How are sites obtained?

Full-time students receive a list of potential practicum sites at the time they accept their admission offers. They are also free to pursue sites that are not on the list; however, all sites must be approved by the Director of Clinical Training, or the training coordinator to ensure that MSP’s training site requirements are met. The Clinical Training staff is available to help students identify and select sites. The MA Practicum Handbook, located on MSP’s student resource site, provides detailed information about the master’s practicum and training site requirements.

Handbooks and additional information may be found in the Student Resource area, available to current MSP students.  Questions related to clinical training should be directed to the Director of Clinical Training, training coordinator, or faculty supervisor.


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