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PsyD Licensure

The programs at MSP follow the practitioner-scholar model where academic knowledge and scientific research is applied in clinical and professional experience. The educational and training programs prepare students to obtain licensure for employment in a clinical setting.

PsyD Graduates

Graduates of the PsyD program may apply for the Limited License Psychologist (LLP). After completing 2,000 postgraduate hours of supervised clinical experience and passing the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), PsyD graduates are eligible to become a (fully) Licensed Psychologist (LP) in the State of Michigan.

The education and training at MSP operates within the parameters set forth by the State of Michigan Board of Psychology. Applicants are required to have a criminal background check as well as answer additional questions relevant to eligibility for the professional practice in psychology. Students should be aware of the detailed licensure application information that may be obtained from the website for the State of Michigan, Board of Psychology.

For licensure out of state or country, it is the students’ responsibility to research the requirements of specific states where they wish to practice. The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) publishes this information in its Handbook of Licensing and Certification Requirements for Psychologists in North America.  For exact information, please contact the state, provincial, or territorial licensing board in the jurisdiction in which you plan to apply.

Continuing Education

For information on the administrative rules regarding continuing education from the Board of Psychology, click here (see Psychology Frequently Asked Questions heading). 


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