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2018 PsyD Graduates & Dissertation Titles

Congratulations to our 2018 PsyD graduates!  Dissertations will soon be available on ProQuest for students, faculty, and staff.

Simone Billing headshotSimone Billing

The Mother’s Experience of an Autism Diagnosis for her Child







Photo of Jessica Dzylinski, PsyDJessica Dluzynski

A Quantitative Assessment of Anxiety and Human-Animal Interaction







Palina Drake HeadshotPalina Drake

The Experience of Mid-Life African American Female Graduate Students in Predominately White Institutions







Liza du Plessis headshot
Liza du Plessis

The Influence of Continuous Traumatic Stress on the Experience of Compassion







Beth Feinman headshotBeth Fienman

A Daughter’s Perspective of her Father’s Influence on her Parenting







Headshot of Dr. Kevin JohnsonKevin Johnson

Videogames, Virtual Reality, and Aggression: Investigating the Revised-General Aggression Model







Heather Kadrich headshotHeather Kadrich

The Experience of Traumatic Vision Loss






John Ross headshotJohn Ross

A First Responder’s Experience of Using Humor as a Coping Mechanism







Kristen Suing headshotKristen Suing

Patient Satisfaction Among Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals: Factors Affecting Satisfaction with Primary Healthcare Services







Alan Thain headshotAlan Thain

The Use of Film and Television in Psychotherapy







Headshot of Dr. Michael WallaceMichael Wallace

Policing in the Aftermath of Deinstitutionalization: The Experience of Serving in the Role of a Crisis Mental Health Worker