Reflections from President Blau: The Gifts of Teaching

Each month Dr. Diane Blau, MSP President, shares what’s on her mind and in her heart regarding The Michigan School and the field of professional psychology. 

President Diane Blau

As I reflect on my work over the years, I am aware that a colorful thread weaving through has been my love of teaching and the opportunity I have been given to engage with so many incredible students.  Or perhaps they were the teachers and I, the student.  Certainly, I have learned and grown from everyone with whom I have been fortunate to serve as an educator.

For me, the classroom is an exquisite landscape of color and texture, form and line.  It is a kaleidoscope, ever shifting moment to moment, depending on the day, the topic and our interactions.  I am attuned to the fluctuating energy and perceptible sensation in the room as learning unfolds.  My heart quickens; something important is happening here.

I witness dynamic expressions of ideas and lively exchanges between students, periods palpable with emotion, and the growth I see as individual selves are revealed.  I am deeply moved by shared stories and students’ compassionate care.

I am lucky to be here, especially at MSP, a fortunate beneficiary of having chosen to teach so many years ago.