Campus Expansion: Phase II Begins!

We’re excited to move into Phase II of our Foster the Future campaign and realize our dream of opening the Michigan School training and community clinic.

President Fran Brown
President Fran Brown

The next year will continue to be a busy one, with the clinic’s opening planned for fall 2019.  Several efforts are already underway:

Hiring a New Clinical Director

Soon we’ll begin the recruiting process to hire a new Clinic Director. The director will oversee the planning, implementation, and provision of services at the Michigan School clinic, and will work to combine excellence in clinical training for students with quality mental health care for the community.

Create a Clinic Setting

Until construction of our campus expansion is complete, The Michigan School clinic will initially operate in an office suite just down the road from the MSP campus. This will allow us to begin providing low cost mental health services to those in need, including children and adolescents who remain on long waiting lists for testing and assessments. The clinic will then move to a dedicated space in our newly renovated building next door, completion of which is anticipated for fall 2020.

Expand Meeting & Educational Space

Phase I of the campus expansion provided us with much-needed overflow parking and landscaping of the newly-acquired property next door. In addition to construction of the clinic during Phase II, interior and exterior remodeling of the building will allow us to provide community events, seminars, workshops, and meeting spaces for students and faculty.

Make Connections

My goal is to connect with local school systems, chambers of commerce, community agencies, and other providers of mental health services who are looking for a low or no cost mental health referral source in the Metro Detroit area. More exciting info to come….