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Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

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In addition to questions about the reason(s) you are seeking treatment, demographic information, such as name, phone, address, and date of birth will be collected at this time.

The student clinician assigned to work with you will be contacted, and given the referral information.  Then, the student clinician will contact you to arrange the day and time that will work for your therapy sessions. Intake and consent documents must be completed and received before services can begin. 

Yes, during the initial phone contact, please make known any preference you have for the therapist.  While there may not be a therapist available that matches your preference, every effort will be made to accommodate your request.

Typically, therapy is one time each week for fifty minutes.

In addition to the information referred to earlier in this section, signatures from both parents or legal guardians, stating consent for the minor’s treatment.  Additional questions will refer to the child’s grade and school performance.

The standard fee is $35 for an individual session, but fees can be as low as $5 depending on the client’s financial situation. 

At this time, individual psychotherapy sessions are offered in-person with proof of COVID-19 vaccination or via telehealth (Zoom). ABA, testing/assessment, and group therapy are only offered in person at this time. 

At this time, individuals seeking psychotherapy sessions may opt to receive services via telehealth (Zoom). Expectations for individuals receiving services via telehealth are as followed:

  • Licensing requires clients and clinicians to be in the state of Michigan. Clients may not take part in teletherapy when they are in a different state or country. 
  • Clients should plan to attend their telehealth session in a quiet, undisturbed environment that is private enough to ensure confidentiality.
  • Therapy sessions while driving are not permissible. 
  • Clients are not permitted to record teletherapy sessions without the therapist’s permission.
  • The usage of drugs or alcohol during or just before therapy is not allowed.

Additional expectations may be set by the student clinical and will be communicated during the initial session. 

With the exception of early intensive ABA services for children, services provided at the Michigan School Psychological Clinic are not reimbursable by insurance. Any psychotherapy or testing/assessment claims submitted directly by clients to their insurance companies will be denied.

Payments made from health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts are accepted. 

The clinic accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, HAP and United Health Care insurance for early intensive ABA services for children.

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