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About MSPC

Michigan School Psychological Clinic

Welcome to the Michigan School Psychological Clinic, where individuals and families receive high-quality, low-cost mental health care. Our clinic is an excellent choice for those who are uninsured, or who are faced with unaffordable insurance deductibles and co-pays. The clinic also offers affordable psychological and educational testing that may otherwise cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

Individuals who wish to support the clinic’s mission of offering affordable mental health care to all can donate to the Clinic Compassion Fund


The clinic is located at 26811 Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills. Detailed location and transportation information can be found here. 

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Thursday: 8 AM – 8 PM
  • Friday: 8 AM – 4 PM

The clinic is closed for the following holiday and semester breaks:

  • February 19-23, 2024
  • April 15-19, 2024
  • May 27, 2024
  • June 19, 2024
  • July 4, 2024
  • August 5-9, 2024

In the event of inclement weather or campus emergency, the MSP clinic may close to ensure staff and clients’ safety. The clinic will make its best effort to notify clients of all closures 2 hours prior to the session’s start time. Notification of closure would be communicated direct to clients by their provider. 


The clinic operates in accordance with the APA Code of Ethics

Records are securely stored and all patient information is kept confidential.  Individuals are asked to sign a release of information regarding the use of audio or video recordings that are used to assist in graduate student training and supervision. 

Non-Discrimination Policy

MSP does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, age, gender identity, socio-economic status, national origin, language, sexual orientation, veteran status, genetic information or ability status in recruiting and admitting students, hiring employees or in operating any of its programs.

Questions? Contact us at:
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