MA Student Ambassadors

MSP Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the student body. Ambassadors work with faculty, staff, and students to promote MSP and its programs. If you would like to contact one of the representatives below regarding their personal experience(s) at MSP, please feel free to email them.

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology Program

McKissic Angel, MAAngel McKissic – Master’s Program (Part-time)  [email protected]

From Detroit, MI with a B.S. in psychology from Baker College

“I was drawn to MSP because of the student and faculty dynamic. My experience thus far at MSP has met all of my expectations for what an engaging and supportive graduate school experience should be.”

  • Experience in using applied behavior analysis with children and adults diagnosed with autism in educational and clinical settings.
  • Previous research on best practices for establishing effective and accessible autism treatment clinics in underserved, urban communities. 
  • Practicum experience at a residential substance abuse treatment center

Jared BootJared Boot – Master’s Program (Full-Time) j[email protected]

 From Ann Arbor, MI with a BA in Political Science from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor 

“I would like to specialize in treating the LGBTQIA+ population. I would like to gain more practicum experience at HIV psychological centers.”

  • Current practicum site is at Affirmations in Ferndale, MI
  • Passionate about the humanistic mission of MSP because of its alignment with my humanist spiritual values.  
  • Interests include LGBTQIA+ populations and the sociopolitical issues that affect the psychological well-being of the marginalized communities

Ashley Craft, MAAshley N. Craft – Master’s Program (Part-Time) [email protected]

From Detroit, MI, with a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University

“In the future, I plan to earn a PhD., gain experience with multiple populations, and catapult my combined experiences into social policy and activism for the betterment of underrepresented, under-served, and marginalized populations.”

  • Currently works as Lead Behavioral Therapist at A&C Behavioral Solutions
  • Experience as a Clinical Assistant and Behavior Therapist
  • Experience in youth advocacy for Juvenile Offenders

Romano Lisa FT-MALisa Romano – Master’s Program with a Concentration in ABA (2 Year Program) [email protected]

From Bloomfield, MI with a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan

“I applied to MSP because I was looking for a program that would help me become a therapist interested in helping the whole person and the ABA program helps round out my education.” 

  • Volunteer work with children within my Church and the Boy Scouts
  • Previous graduate studies in Developmental Psychology and statistical analysis
  • Yoga teacher for private clients

Leticia Berg – Master’s Program (Full-Time) [email protected]

From New York, NY with a BA in Theater History from Hunter College, City University of NY.

“I plan to earn my PsyD and work with women, survivors of sexual and emotional abuse and trauma victims.”

  • Current practicum site is at Affirmations, a community resource center serving the LGBTQ population in Ferndale and surrounding areas.
  • Certified as a clinical hypnotherapist. 
  • Research experience with Autism Spectrum Disorders and emergency room head trauma patients.

Chris Bernardo – Master’s Program (Part Time) [email protected]

From Northville, MI with a BA in Psychology from The City College Of New York

“After graduating, I plan on specializing in counseling troubled adolescents until I (hopefully) return to MSP to earn a PsyD.”

  • Experience in working with normative and specialized children and adolescents
  • Passionate about working with struggling adolescents.  

Nadeen Majeed – Master’s Program (Full Time) [email protected]

From Farmington, MI with a BS in Psychology from Wayne State University

“I chose MSP because the environment and sense of community between the students and faculty. The curriculum focuses on a humanistic approach of clinical psychology and focuses on self growth. MSP is APA accredited and I feel the students get the most out of this learning experience.”

  • Current practicum site is at New Oakland Family Centers working on Trauma Assessments.
  • Experience in working with children in several different environments.
  • Experience in customer service in a professional setting.