Symposium Schedule

12:30 – 1:00 PM   Check In

1:00 – 1:10 PM   Welcome

1:30 – 2:20 PM   Session 1 – Panels

2:30 – 3:20 PM   Session 2 – Posters

3:30 – 4:20 PM   Session 3 – Panels

4:30 – 5:20 PM   Session 4 – Posters

5:30 – 6:45 PM   Keynote


  • Courtney Cabell, Psi Chi President
  • Dr. Brian Spitsbergen, Interim President of the Michigan School of Psychology

Sessions 1 – Panels

Room 1, Panel Presentation

  • Feminine Embodiment and its Contemporary Clinical Applications
    Devon Kardel, MS, DTLLP, Courtney Cabell, MS, MA, TLLP, Tara Pope, MA, TLLP, and Natalya Zerka, MA, TLLP 

Room 4, Critical Conversation

  • Understanding the Intersection of Acculturation, Attachment Styles, Parenting Styles, and Psychological Well-Being in South Asian and Arab American Muslim Communities.
    Jamal Ghazi, MA, TLLP and Qandeel Minal, MA, TLLP

Sessions 2 – Posters 

Room 2, Poster Session

  • How Does Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) Training Affect Health Care Providers’ Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Chronic Pain?
    Jeffrey Binder, MA, TLLP
  • Mandatory Reporting: Considering the Difference Between Physical Discipline and Child Abuse.
    Barbara A. Bruno, MA, DTLLP
  • Explanation of Social Anxiety Disorder: Neurobiological- Environmental- Developmental- Treatment Factors Explaining Social Anxiety Disorder
    Ray Kaidbay, MsC and Dr. Douglas Callan, PhD
  • Effect of Ketamine Infusion Therapy for PTSD
    Nicholas Semaan, MA, DTLLP

Sessions 3 – Panels

Room 1, Panel Presentation

  • What is a Within-Subject Research Design and Why Should We Use it?
    Elizabeth Romano, MA, BCBA, TLLP and Hannah Riesser, MA, BCBA, TLLP

Room 3, Panel Presentation

  • Use of a Quasi-Experimental, Pre-Post Design in Intervention Research
    Erica Medina, MA, LLPC, DTLLP, Avery Potvin, MA, TLLP, and Jeffrey Binder, MA, TLLP

Room 4, Panel Presentation

  • Qualitative Methods in Studying Personally Relevant Topics: Intuitive and Narrative Inquiries
    Courtney Cabell, MS, MA, TLLP and Devon Kardel, MS, DTLLP

Sessions 4 – Posters

Room 2, Poster Session

  • The Perfect Storm Affecting Adolescent Sleep
    Shivani Saini, M.B.B.S., MS, MA
  • Opioid Use in Muslim and Arab American Communities
    Patool Makki, BS, and Dr. Farha Abbasi, MD
  • The Biological, Psychological, and Social Impact of Misophonia
    Dennis Brown, BA
  • A Response to Sexual Trauma Through Gender Differences: How Does Collectivistic Cultures and Honor-Based Cultures Affect an Individual’s Experience of Sexual Trauma?
    Kareem Daher, BA


Lizelle Salazar, MPH and Taylor Pahl, MSW, LMSW

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