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We’ve put together some important information and action items to help you prepare for the fall. Please make sure to read through all of the bullet points below.

MSP welcomes campus visits, but they must be scheduled in advance with the Admissions Coordinator.

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Your email login information was included in your welcome email.  Please setup your email account as soon as possible.  From here on out, all communication to MSP must come from this address.  In addition, important emails from MSP to you will only be sent to this address.

All incoming MA & PsyD students are eligible to apply for the Cereta Perry Scholarship. The application form deadline is August 15 of every year.  You can also view other available scholarships, as well as other resources, on our Financial Aid page.

Join our incoming students Facebook group. This is a place to meet classmates, discuss what you’re excited about learning at MSP, and more. Also be sure to connect with us on the school’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to find out about upcoming events at the school.

Looking to get a new computer?  Want to make sure you have the right software for class?  Check out our technology requirements to make sure.

Within the catalog, you will find further information about our MA program including course descriptions, policies, procedures, expectations, and more. The current academic catalog is available here. Your academic program sheet will be issued at orientation and all policies and procedures will be discussed at that time.

Check out the academic calendar to get an overview of the timeline for the year and make sure you are aware of any important dates that may affect you.

Each semester we host a variety of events including guest speakers, documentary showings, research presentations, and social activities. As an incoming student you are welcome to attend these events. Check out our upcoming events!

We are actively working on drafting a course schedule that maintains social distance and honors the unique, personal student experience that MSP is known for. Our Director of Student Services, Carrie Pyeatt, will contact you as soon as registration is available. This communication will include your academic program sheet and information on how and when to register for the fall semester. Please keep an eye on your MSP email for this important communication.

The official book list should be out by the end of July. We’ll email you once it’s posted on our website. We don’t have a bookstore on campus so you’re free to purchase your books anywhere you’d like. Please order them early enough to have them on the first day of class.

During the month of August, you will be required to complete a series of new student orientation modules on Moodle.  You will receive an email to your MSP email account with instructions regarding module access at the beginning of August.

Practicum Information

Please contact MSP’s Training Coordinator, Carol Hanson [email protected], directly with any MA practicum question.

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Secure a practicum site: After Clinical Training has been notified of your enrollment into the Full-Time MA Program, you will receive a welcome email from the Clinical Training department with a link to the practicum list.

  1. Research sites.
  2. Prepare your resume & cover letter.
  3. Set up interviews.
  4. Land a placement!
Please be mindful that securing a practicum is extremely time sensitive and you should begin the application process as soon as possible. Data has shown that it may take more than 2 months to obtain a site as students from other programs are applying to sites as well.  Clinical Training also recommends you apply to a minimum of 7 sites to have a better chance at receiving multiple opportunities to interview.
MSP Training Coordinator, Carol Hanson ([email protected]), can provide you with guidance on drafting cover letters, resume writing and consultation on applying to sites.  Once you have accepted an offer from a practicum site, please request written confirmation (an email is acceptable) and contact Carol Hanson, who will provide you with the next steps.

Figure out your ABA fieldwork plan.

You can start collecting ABA supervised independent field work hours after you start your first ABA course at MSP.

Do you currently work in the ABA field?

If so, will your place of employment support you as a fieldwork student and do you need to do anything to set that up with them?

If not, do you plan on starting to collect hours your first semester?

You can start looking for a supervised independent field work site at an ABA clinic.

Contact Dr. Ruth Anan at [email protected] with any questions.

Have a question about the Clinical Training process at MSP? Click here to read a full list of FAQs.

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