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Message From the President

6/12/14clinical psychology school Diane Blau

By the end of this semester, each student will have spent 45 weeks and 3 days of calendar time in school. What does this mean in terms of learning time?

It is intriguing for me to consider the difference between calendar time and learning time. The former is linear, sequential and predictable. There is certainty in knowing that night follows day, June follows May, and 2014 will lead to 2015. Sometimes we experience clock time moving at different rhythms yet we know it does not stand still. We move in it and with it as it consistently regulates our lives.

With learning, there is no uniformity. Concepts are grasped in parts, in entirety, sometimes instantly, or gradually or over lengthy periods of time. And each individual perceives the information uniquely. In each mind different knowings take shape, combine and proliferate.

Learning is multi-dimensional and ever in process; it has infinite volume. It forms a web, ever expanding in an endless array of connections and possibilities. Unpredictable, and mysterious at times, how and what you learn can be an adventure.

I hope your experience this year at the Michigan School of Professional Psychology has been an adventure and afforded you the opportunity for learning and growth far beyond 45 weeks and 3 days.

Thank you for being part of this amazing community of learners.

Have a wonderful summer!

Diane Blau