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Is there an application deadline?

The admissions cycle begins September 1st for the next academic year. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit all admissions materials as early as possible.

Masters Applicants: There are five application due dates and interviews scheduled throughout the year (see table below).

The first 24 qualified applicants to complete their application by November 20th will be invited to interview on December 2nd. This process will continue for the remaining application due dates (see table below). Space may be limited in later interview dates. Candidates will be accepted until the program is full. 40 full-time MA and 24 part-time MA students are accepted each year.

MA Application Due Date  Interview Date Number of Applicants
November 20 December 2 First 24
January 31 February 10 Next 36
March 27 April 20 Next 36
April 24 May 14 Next 18
May 29 June 18 Next 18


PsyD Applicants: The priority deadline for Fall applications is February 15th. All documents must be submitted for the application to be reviewed.

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