Jodie Mientkiewicz, MA, BCBA

Photo of ABA Clinic Supervisor, Jodie Mientkiewicz, MA, BCBA, standing outside.Jodie Mientkiewicz, MA, BCBA

ABA Clinic Supervisor

Office phone: 248.919.0063
Email: [email protected]

Jodie Mientkiewicz joined MSP in 2020 as ABA Clinic Supervisor. Prior to starting at MSP, she worked as a special education teacher for 13 years, as well as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in an ABA autism clinic.  While working as a BCBA, she worked with families and therapists to create and provide evidence-based therapies to children on the autism spectrum.  As a special education teacher, Mientkiewicz worked with students of all disabilities areas, developing academically appropriate lessons, creating individualized education plans, and working with staff and students to create a more inclusive environment for children with special needs. 


  • MA in Curriculum Instruction and Assessment, Marygrove College
  • ABA Certificate, Michigan State University
  • BS in Special Education, Eastern Michigan University


  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst – Michigan

Areas of Expertise

  • Working with kids with all disabilities ages 2-20; specifically with those on the Autism Spectrum

Professional Memberships

  • Behavior Analyst Association of MI


  • What are you looking forward to most in the ABA Clinic?

I was always meant to be a teacher, I was just never sure what it was supposed to look like.  I am most looking forward to working with the MSP practicum students and imparting not only the knowledge I have, but the passion for ABA that I have as well.  I am also looking forward to working with preschool age children and creating an environment for behavior change that will benefit them throughout their lives.  I have seen it done first hand and it can be very powerful to witness.  

  • What is your vision for the MSP clinic? 

My vision for the MSP clinic is for it to grow to its full potential.  We have an amazing opportunity through MSP to reach out to those in the community who are in need of services that they may not have access to.  As for the ABA portion of the clinic, in 5 years I would love to see ABA services for individuals of all ages, not only focusing on early intervention, but on social skills for individuals with disabilities and using ABA for job coaching with adults.


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