Meet Our Clinic Staff

Photo of Dr. Jim Maher.

Jim Maher, PhD
MSP Clinic Director

Dr. Maher joined the Michigan School of Psychology in August 2019 and helped create the Michigan School Psychological Clinic. Click here to learn more about Dr. Maher.

Photo of Holly Tocco

Holly Tocco,
MSP Clinic Manager

Holly Tocco joined MSP in 2021 and assists with the day-to-day operations of the clinic. Prior to joining MSP Holly worked as a clinical team lead and patient care specialist. Click here to learn more about Holly.

Photo of ABA Clinic Supervisor, Jodie Mientkiewicz, MA, BCBA, standing outside.

Jodie Mientkiewicz, MA, BCBA
ABA Clinic Supervisor

Jodie Mientkiewicz joined MSP in 2020 as ABA Clinic Supervisor. Prior to starting at MSP, she worked as a special education teacher for 13 years, as well as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in an ABA autism clinic. Click here to learn more about Jodie.

Deb Hamilton

Deb Hamilton, PsyD
Clinic Supervisor

Dr. Hamilton joined MSP as an adjunct faculty member in January of 2018. She has taught testing and assessment courses in the MA and PsyD programs. In April 2021, she began working at the Clinic as Clinic Supervisor. Click here to learn more about Dr. Hamilton.

Student Clinicians

The following MSP students are completing their clinical training hours at the Michigan School Psychological Clinic this academic year.

Under the supervision of Clinic Staff, each student will provide direct psychological services to clients in need of mental health care at a reasonable cost.

Photo of Troy Amber

Troy Amber, BA
Program: MA
Education: Kalamazoo College (BA)

It is my goal to listen well and show empathy towards the individuals with whom I work and others. Collaboration in creating a safe and trusting therapy environment, with defined goals, where genuine and creative forms of communication may be practiced, are key components of our endeavors. My professional background includes real estate and photography, as well as a long-term interest in psychotherapy relating to anxiety. As we discover our own paths of personal understanding and healing, we can realize that opening ourselves to a competent confidant may be tremendously therapeutic.

Olga Blum, MA
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (BA); Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (MA)

I believe that every person deserves an opportunity to fulfill their potential, and that lasting relationship with the therapist, based on trust and compassion, creates a space to grow client’s faith in themselves and strength to overcome obstacles. I am interested in combining the best of humanistic psychology, ABA principles, and multicultural approach to promote happier, healthier lives.

Photo of Logan Chappell

Logan Chappell, MA
Program: PsyD 3
Education: Elmira College (BA);
Michigan School of Psychology (MA)

I practice in a way that meets my clients where they are at, while allowing them the choice and opportunity to grow as they see fit. I utilize deep listening, empathy, and nonjudgment to offer a safe space for such growth to be fostered. I believe my clients are the experts in their own lives, and that I can help guide them to the answers they already have within them.

Photo of Randeigh Dickinson

Randeigh Dickinson, BA
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: University of Michigan (BA)

Being passionate about alleviating struggles children go through on a daily basis is what has anchored my career path. My goal for each session is for the client to leave feeling heard, supported, and empowered. Although my background has mainly consisted of working with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I believe this has shaped a path for me to be able to listen to not only verbal language, but also to those who find it difficult to place words and labels to what they are feeling and going through.

Photo of Joumana Fakhoury

Joumana Hussein, BA
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Wayne State University (BA)

Working in ABA for the past 6 years, I have seen the impact of pairing myself with a client, and how it truly shows the progress they make. I strongly believe that pairing falls outside of ABA and is applicable in, not only other therapies, but in the real world. Stepping back and being in the present has become very valuable to me, and I think it is important to pass this on and show how life changing it can be.

Photo of Diana Jasser

Diana Jasser, MA
Program: PsyD 2
Education: Michigan State University (BS); Michigan School of Psychology (MA)

I offer a compassionate presence to accompany you along your journey. My practice is rooted in the belief that healing happens in loving relationship—with oneself, with others, and with the natural world. We will co-create a therapy that is right for you at this given moment. I have a special interest in working with immigrant and second-generation communities. I am also working on deepening my relationship to rest and supporting others in this process.

Photo of Seongwon Lee

Seongwon Lee, MA
Program: PsyD 2
Education: Ewha Womans University (BA); Ewha Womans University (MA)

We experience losses in our lives every day. When our losses are acknowledged and grieved well, whether the loss is small or big, expected or unexpected, we can make space to let ourselves grow from where we are. I believe that a therapeutic relationship can support people to find their voices in that space.

Photo of Madelyn Marchiori

Madelyn Marchiori, BS
Program: MA
Education: Michigan State University (BS)

My belief is that with the right support and guidance, everyone has the capacity to heal and grow. My passion and role as a therapist is to help each individual overcome the barriers preventing them from finding relief and change.

Photo of Kenneth McDermott

Kenneth McDermott, BS
Program: MA
Education: Eastern Michigan University (BS)

My belief, as a student practitioner, is that as a therapist I should be genuine, forthcoming, and personable with my clients. I will always strive to accept you where you are in your life currently and where you have come from. I subscribe to an eclectic approach, using the framework that will best accommodate my clients needs and their path to self-actualization.

Photo of Mary McEvoy

Mary McEvoy, JD
Program: MA
Education: Loyola University Chicago (BA); Fordham University School of Law (JD)

During my years working as an attorney in human rights research and advocacy I witnessed the transformative power of speaking our pain. At the MSP Clinic, I look forward to providing a safe and welcoming space for people of all backgrounds to process their experiences and work towards hope and healing.

Photo of Aleah M'Poko

Aleah M'Poko, BA
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Rhodes University (BA); Rhodes University (BA Hons)

I hold the belief that as human beings, we experience inner peace when we not only know who we are, but when we put that knowledge into practice Therapy should be a space in which your limits, your fears, your downfalls and your desires are met with grace, acceptance and support without conditions. My goal is to provide you with such a space. In my mind, there are no limits to the growth (and healing) that is available to anyone who seeks it, and my experience in the field of ABA has only reinforced this conviction. My passion is to help the seeker become a finder.

Photo of Jasmine Perin

Jasmine Perin, BS
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Michigan State University (BS)

I have four years of experience working in foster care, adoption, and with individuals in residential facilities. I witnessed a severe need for quality mental health services for people with limited resources throughout my time working in child welfare. I believe that therapy and behavior modification can help people develop alternative life strategies, improve their health outcomes, and break generational “curses.” My ultimate goal is to create a safe therapeutic space for children and families to put life’s puzzle pieces together and thrive.

Photo of Morgan Van Leer

Morgan Van Leer, MA, TLLP
Program: PsyD 2
Education: University of Missouri (BA);
Michigan School of Psychology (MA)

I believe that therapy is a collaborative process between the client and therapist, and that each client brings unique strengths to each session. I also provide a judgment-free safe space where clients can discover, and be, their full selves. My experience working with trauma has taught me the importance of validating and understanding emotions that come up.

P: 248.919.0063