Meet Our Clinic Staff

Photo of Dr. Jim Maher.

Jim Maher, PhD
MSP Clinic Director

Dr. Maher joined the Michigan School of Psychology in August 2019 and helped create the Michigan School Psychological Clinic. Click here to learn more about Dr. Maher.

Photo of Holly Tocco

Holly Tocco,
MSP Clinic Manager

Holly Tocco joined MSP in 2021 and assists with the day-to-day operations of the Clinic. Prior to joining MSP Holly worked as a clinical team lead and patient care specialist. Click here to learn more about Holly.

Kevin Johnson, PsyD
Clinic Supervisor

Dr. Johnson joined MSP as a core faculty member in the PsyD program in 2018. In August 2022, he began working at the Clinic as Clinic Supervisor. Click here to learn more about Dr. Johnson.

Photo of Lama Hodroj

Lama Hodroj, MA, TLLP, BCBA, LBA
ABA Clinical Supervisor

Lama Hodroj joined the staff at the MSP Clinic in 2022 and supervises MSP's ABA certificate students who are completing their clinical training hours at the Clinic. Click here to learn more about Lama.

Student Clinicians

The following MSP students are completing their clinical training hours at the Michigan School Psychological Clinic this academic year.

Under the supervision of Clinic Staff, each student will provide direct psychological services to clients in need of mental health care at a reasonable cost.

Courtney Adams, BA
Program: MA
Education: James Madison University (BA)

My goal for therapy is to create a safe and welcoming environment. I enjoy taking a collaborative approach through a humanistic lens. My hope is to support clients in their personal growth and current concerns in a judgment-free setting. My background primarily focused on work with children and adolescents, I find those skills transfer through all ages. I hope to assist my clients in finding their paths and exploring their goals on their own.

Marrissa Arrigoni, MA
Program: PsyD 3
Education: University of Maine-Farmington (BA); Antioch University New England (MA)

I approach therapy primarily from a humanistic lens while incorporating solution-focused interventions. I believe the therapeutic relationship is so important to facilitating change. My first goal in therapy is to build trust and positive rapport with one another. I believe it also important to use socially just informed approaches to therapy, considering how our differing identities intersect and impact our worldview. I have primarily worked with children and adolescents but also have an interest in working with the emerging adulthood population

Chris Bernardo, MA
Program: PsyD 3
Education: The City College of New York (BA); Michigan School of Psychology (MA)

All of us want a better daily experience-to be happier, more authentic, more present. But how do we get there from where we are now? I want to help you answer that question. Together, we will combine our strengths, resources, and knowledge to get you into the life you want. Your best self is waiting for you!

Jamison Brewer, JD
Program: MA
Education: Emory University (BS); University of Michigan (JD)

Participating in therapy can open up a unique space in life that facilitates personal growth and meaning through times of struggle, pain, and change. In my past work as a legal advocate, I learned to center what my clients valued most while working through turbulent situations. As I worked with clients of diverse backgrounds and identities, I also learned to let my clients' sharing of what they were experiencing take priority over my own assumptions about what it must be like for them. Likewise, in the therapeutic relationship, I look to my clients' inner experiences and inner wisdom to guide our work together.

Dennis Brown, BA
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Wayne State University (BA)

Having experience working with children since undergrad, I've always known the importance of childhood adversity. I truly believe in self-growth and creating a safe space for all. As a student practitioner, I plan to use my knowledge and skills to work with children and adolescents in finding their strengths and appreciating their weaknesses. I inspire to be the instrument for clients to use to develop hope and prosperity within themselves.

Rachel Buzenberg, BS
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Central Michigan University (BS)

My goal in therapy is to build positive change. I strive to create a client-therapist relationship that is built on empathy, compassion and trust. I want to create an environment that is person-centered to help fit anyones individual needs. I take the humanistic lens in therapy and focus on the whole person being healthy and in balance. I have experience working with children and adolescents in an inpatient psychiatric setting. I want to continue to use my knowledge and work with adolescents to build confidence and self awareness and help them reach their full potential.

Photo of Antoinette Fowler

Antoinette Fowler, MS
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Southern New Hampshire University (MS)

My goal is to create a safe space and welcoming environment for my clients as well as a trusting therapeutic relationship. I approach therapy with a humanistic lens while incorporating ABA concepts. I believe in meeting my clients right where they are, so they fill supported as we work through dialogs and solutions. I plan to work with children with both intellectual and learning disabilities in the ABA field and I also have an interest in working with the adult population.

James Graham, BS
Program: MA
Education: Eastern Michigan University (BS)

My goal in therapy is to facilitate an environment of safety and comfort. Though conversations may dive into the realm of discomfort, I hope that through unjudgmental understanding and support, we can effectively identify what makes those conversations so difficult. Though these same conversations can be difficult, they can shed a hopeful light on what is meaningful. That meaning is something we will both explore and discover.

David Humphries, MA, MS
Program: PsyD 2
Education: University of British Columbia (BA); Madonna University (MS)

Life can be hard, isolating, or frustrating. Many times it helps to have someone else with us in the journey as we seek to better understand and love ourselves and others. I am trained as a Psychodynamic/ Psychoanalytic therapist... Psychodynamic therapy seeks to understand our desires and wants amid the realities and hopes of life, helping us to respond in healthy, rather than unhealthy, ways. Such therapy can lead to an authentic, free, “real” life, allowing us to come to terms with our motives, and to live honestly in the face of life’s challenges. Starting a relationship with a therapist can be daunting. I hope to provide a welcoming, accepting, confidential, and safe therapeutic environment.

I have worked with people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds and have extensive volunteer and professional experience with youth, college, and graduate students. Whether your struggle is personal or relational, I look forward to coming alongside you with an empathetic, respectful, and listening ear on your path toward healing and growth

Hash Malik, MA
Program: PsyD 4
Education: Okaland University (BA); Michigan School of Psychology (MA)

It can be difficult to make the decision to come to therapy. Life can bring hardships that test our limits. Striving to embody a spirit of non-judgment, compassion, and empathy, I have worked with those who have experienced relationship difficulties, trauma, anxiety, depression, identity concerns, and many other life issues. I try to help guide clients towards a deeper understanding of their challenges, their strengths, and how to live life with a sense of vitality.

Matt Nickel, MDiv
Program: MA
Education: Hope College (BA); Princeton Theological Seminary (MDiv)

Sometimes we need to make sense of life and explore the meaning of our experiences. Therapy is a safe, compassionate, and welcome space to do so. It is a therapeutic relationship where you can explore your concerns and life circumstances without judgement. I am dedicated to cultivating an environment where clients can be themselves, feel valued, and seek personal growth. Every person is different. Every individual has unique needs. I find it meaningful to walk with people and assist as they identify their vision for a healthy outcome.

Kenneth Pollok, BA
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Michigan State University (BA)

My clinical style relies on building a strong therapeutic relationship first and foremost. I strive to create a space of radical acceptance while remaining committed to growth. Through discovering and aligning our values, goals, and actions, we can all reach for interpersonal harmony, self-love, and healthy growth.

Hannah Riesser, MA, BCBA
Program: PsyD 2
Education: Grand Valley State University (BS); Michigan School of Psychology (MA)

My goal is to create a safe and welcoming therapy environment where I meet clients where they are at each time we work together. My background includes work with developmentally disabled and neurodivergent communities, as well as children and adolescents. I believe that attending therapy is a courageous act that reflects on an individual's respect toward themselves and their hopes for the future. My hope is to build strong and trusting relationships with my clients in providing them a space to explore themselves fully.

Elizabeth Romano, MA, BCBA, LBA
Program: PsyD 2
Education: University of Michigan (BA); Michigan School of Psychology (MA)

I am a later in life student at the Michigan School of Psychology. As such I have had some time to become familiar with the many ways daily life can be full of change, disappointment, discomfort, and inconvenience as well as unexpected joy, contentment and a combination of all of the above. I approach therapy through a humanistic path and strive to walk in the journey alongside you while we work together. I have some experience working with people of all ages, from many different backgrounds, intersectionalities and abilities. I look forward to accompanying you on your therapeutic journey.

Photo of Ebrahim Safah, MA and ABA student

Ebrahim Safah, BS
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Wayne State University (BS)

As a therapist, my aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment for my clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I believe that therapy is a courageous step towards self-improvement and personal growth. My background includes working with diverse communities, including those with developmental disabilities and neurodivergent individuals, as well as children and adolescents. I strive to build strong and trusting relationships with my clients while providing them with the space to fully understand and express themselves. My goal is to help guide clients toward a deeper understanding of themselves, their strengths, and how to live a fulfilling life.

Erin Stockwell, BS
Program: MA
Education: Ferris State University (BS)

The foundation of my therapy is rooted in and built upon understanding that everyone’s path to healing and growth is unique. I am intentionally creative to ensure that each client is truly seen, heard, understood, and valued. Therapy is a place devoid of judgement, filled with grace, where we can co-create your therapeutic experience. We can learn so much from pain, and it is my goal to integrate and alchemize through these uncomfortable and dark places together.

Kelsey Strate BA
Program: MA
Education: Wayne State University (BA)

I believe the therapeutic relationship is a collaborative one in which a client’s unique strengths help direct the path forward. In working with children, I have witnessed the curiosity, creativity, joy and connection inherent in all human beings. As we grow older, we often lose touch with these things–becoming stuck inside self-defeating ways of thinking and behaving. The process of exploring painful emotions can help us challenge our limitations, opening up a new world of meaning and possibility. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

P: 248.919.0063