Meet Our Clinic Staff

Photo of Dr. Jim Maher.

Jim Maher, PhD
MSP Clinic Director

Dr. Maher joined the Michigan School of Psychology in August 2019 and helped create the Michigan School Psychological Clinic. Click here to learn more about Dr. Maher.

Photo of ABA Clinic Supervisor, Jodie Mientkiewicz, MA, BCBA, standing outside.

Jodie Mientkiewicz, MA, BCBA
ABA Clinic Supervisor

Jodie Mientkiewicz joined MSP in 2020 as ABA Clinic Supervisor. Prior to starting at MSP, she worked as a special education teacher for 13 years, as well as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in an ABA autism clinic. Click here to learn more about Jodie.

Student Clinicians

The following MSP students are completing their clinical training hours at the Michigan School Psychological Clinic this academic year.

Under the supervision of Clinic Staff, each student will provide direct psychological services to clients in need of mental health care at a reasonable cost.

Aziza Aremo, BA
Program: MA
Education: University of Michigan (BA)

My belief is that we all have the capacity to experience self-actualization, personal growth and self-healing. We all have the answers to our problems, within us, and my role as a therapist is to help my clients find the path that is best for them.

Brian Burgoyne, MA, TLLP
Program: PsyD 3
Education: Michigan State University (BA & MA)

I consider myself eclectic, using a framework that I think will best resonate with the client to help them grow on their individual path. I listen deeply to clients and provide them space to process their grief or loss in a warm and collaborative environment.

Kari Eidnes, BA
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Wayne State University (BA)

From working with parents as a youth leader, I have seen the positive impact that parental involvement has on a child’s mental health care plan. I believe parent training and working with parents to help their children is just as impactful, if not more at times, than working solely with the children.

Jacqueline Green, BA
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Miami University (BA)

I am passionate about finding ways to improve the lives of children and adolescents with developmental disorders, as well as their families. As a student practitioner I hope to bring the experiences and skills related to empathy, patience, and communication that I have obtained thus far as a behavioral therapist, student, and person into the Clinic.

Allison Kidston, BA
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Grand Valley State (BA)

As a student practitioner, I have the ability to easily build rapport, maintain engagement with persons served, and hold hope in the face of diversity. My education, along with my work experience, has enabled me the ability to adapt and learn quickly.

Julie Knas, D.O.
Program: MA
Education: University of Michigan (BA); Midwestern University (D.O.)

We can often struggle to verbalize our struggles. Sometimes finding simple words that give voice to a complex cascade of events in our life can begin the process of becoming unstuck. We free ourselves to take joy here-and-now and look forward to the possibilities in life that await us.

Andre Johnson, MA, TLLP
Program: PsyD 2
Education: Morehouse (BA); University of Phoenix (MA)

I have been in the substance abuse field as an administrator for over three decades. My experience as a therapist, and administrator has provided me with the knowledge base and foundation to address different personalities types. My experience in the substance abuse field also equipped me with the ability to help individuals gain insight and awareness to their internal struggles.

Adrianne Lee, BA
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Madonna University (BA)

With my previous experience as a Child Protective Services investigator and Juvenile Justice Specialist, I have vast knowledge of the familial and socioeconomic systems that contribute to mental health issues as well as the limitations within the system that also present challenges to families.

Dana Monforton, BA
Program: MA
Education: Western Michigan University (BA)

A therapist should encourage the client to bring their entire self into the room-- behaviors, memories, bad habits, lofty dreams, a broken heart, prejudices, triumphs...everything. It's my responsibility-- and incredible privilege-- to assure my clients that anything they say to me will be met with empathy and compassion.

Maddison Nelson, BA
Program: MA
Education: Central Michigan University (BA)

I believe it is important to really understand the client for who they are, truly knowing your client leads to success. My passion and strong sense of communication have also been great skills of mine. My dedication to my clients is also important, it is not you alone, we are a team.

Hannah Riesser, BA, RBT
Program: MA with ABA concentration
Education: Grand Valley State (BA)

As a student with previous years of experience working with the Autism population using behavior analysis, I hope to be able to bring my understanding of what is needed beyond typical ABA services for families that have children on the spectrum. I am looking forward to being a part of pioneering a new opportunity for students to use behavior analysis and clinical psychology together to reach a population of individuals that are underserved.

Andreia Schulte, MS, TLLP
Program: PsyD 2
Education: Universidade Paulista (BA & BS); Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas (MS)

I think that the skills I built from my experience in another culture will support me to have openness to any kind of issue that is presented to me. Also, the personal fact of building a multicultural family reinforces this openness. Lastly, considering that in therapy, a client's language plays a huge role, offering the possibility of other languages (English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish) can be beneficial.

Holly Spencer

Holly Spencer, MA, TLLP
Program: PsyD 3
Education: Baker College (BA); Michigan School of Psychology (MA)

I believe in building a positive relationship between therapist and client; this is one way to promote and a predictor of lasting change. I provide and facilitate a non-judgmental, safe, and supportive environment to help facilitate change to live a happier, healthier, and rewarding life.

Breanna Sullivan, BA
Program: MA
Education: Saginaw Valley State (BA)

I have spent the past year mentoring and supporting individuals with mental and physical ailments in the lakeshore area of West Michigan. From this experience, I have learned the importance in allowing yourself and others to acknowledge emotion in a way that addresses feelings in the moment, while successfully using skills to cope and move forward.

LaSondra Wayne, MA, TLLP, LPC
Program: PsyD 2
Education: Kalamazoo College (BA); Western Michigan University (MA)

I have over ten years of experience serving others through individual and group counseling, advocacy, and an array of psychological and spiritual interventions. My desire is to meet people where they are and “come alongside” to help them achieve their goals and potential. I have been privileged to be counselor to ministry and military personnel, as well as first-responders.

P: 248.919.0063