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The Wilkinson Research Center (WRC) is the campus technology center and part of the Moustakas Johnson Library. Computers, printers, copiers, statistical and testing software, and audio-visual equipment are available for student use. WRC users are expected to obey MSP’s IT Policy in addition to the rules listed here. MSP reserves the right to deny use of the WRC for any violation of its policies.

  1. Only current students and employees of MSP may use the WRC. Alumni may obtain special permission to use the WRC from the librarian.
  2. MSP information may be shared only with valid users. Users may not share passwords for online resources and databases. Many of the IT resources available through the school have licenses that restrict their use to the MSP community.
  3. The WRC is for academic use only. Game playing, viewing of obscene material, and leisure activity are prohibited.
  4. No food or drinks are allowed in the WRC.
  5. Priority in the WRC is given to students needing to do online research or complete class assignments requiring special software.
  6. The WRC may be unavailable for use due to special presentations and events and may be closed with little or no notice.
  7. The WRC computers automatically reset and delete any files stored on the hard drives. Work must be saved to a CD or flash drive. MSP is not responsible for lost or corrupted data due to equipment malfunction. It is recommended that backup copies be made of all files.
  8. Students are expected to supply their own data storage media; blank CDs, etc.
  9. Users may not alter any MSP computer system configurations or settings without approval from the Director of Information Technology & Building Services.
  10. Printing of documents of a personal, non-school related nature or wasteful printing is prohibited.