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Testing Materials Policies and Procedures


The Moustakas Johnson Library has an extensive collection of psychological testing materials to support the acquisition of test administration skills for clinical training. The library’s collection is updated and expanded in response to the changing needs of the testing courses.

Ethical and Legal Considerations

Psychological testing involves complex decision making, requiring advanced professional training. It is important to recognize that graduate students are just beginning their training in psychological testing and do not possess the skills to practice independently. Students must have the opportunity to develop and practice their skills under the supervision of appropriately experienced professionals (Turner, DeMers, Fox, & Reed, 2001).

Test Security
Casual disclosure of testing material jeopardizes validity. All individuals handling test materials should be familiar with issues surrounding the security of test materials. Guidance can be found in the assessment section of the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2010).

Copyright and Educational Exception
Due to test security and copyright restrictions, students and faculty may not photocopy blank test protocol forms, test questions, test manuals, or any other test materials. The only educational exception is that faculty may make photocopies of test protocol forms that are already filled out to give to their students for training purposes.

Borrowing Tests

Test vendors allow universities with clinical psychology programs to order tests for educational training and use. For faculty, test use is limited to MSP faculty members engaged in teaching or in supervising students being trained in psychological testing. For students, test use is limited to students who are enrolled in a testing course or who have written documentation of supervision. Students not enrolled in a psychological testing class must arrange for an approved MSP faculty member to supervise the use of test kits. The student and faculty member must sign the Borrowing Permission Form for Psychological Tests. The form is valid for one semester.

Conditions for Borrowing

  • Borrowers are expected to be familiar with the standards described in the assessment section of the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (2010).
  • Borrowers must be involved in teaching or learning psychological testing at MSP. Students must be enrolled in a psychological testing class or must submit the Borrowing Permission Form for Psychological Tests. Faculty members must be teaching a psychological testing class or must have qualifications on file with the library.
  • Borrowers are not permitted to lend a test to any other person while it is borrowed in their name.
  • The loan period is one week for most tests. A person may borrow more than one test at a time. All tests must be returned by the designated due date or fines will apply. Renewals will not be granted if another user has placed a hold on the test.
  • All borrowers are required to return a test in the condition in which it was borrowed, subject to normal wear and tear. Borrowers should review the contents of a test at the time of check out. Damaged and missing items reported at check out will not incur replacement fees. Damaged and missing items found upon return of the item will be assessed and the borrower will be billed for replacement costs.
  • Borrowers should be aware that the scoring masks in many of the test kits are highly susceptible to heat. Borrowers are advised not to store test kits in their cars.

Overdue Tests and Fines

Test resources are limited and must be shared by a large number of people. Failure to return a test on time will incur a fine of $5 a day for the period of time the test is overdue. To avoid fines, any borrower unable to return a test by the due date should contact the library and request a renewal.

After a period of one week, a test that has not been returned will be considered lost.  The borrower will be invoiced for the replacement cost of the test, as well as accrued fines. Until the test is returned or the invoiced amount is paid, the borrower’s library account will be restricted and an academic hold will be placed on the student’s school account.  If a borrower returns a test for which he or she has been billed, only the overdue fines will be owed.

Requesting a New Test or Edition

Faculty may request that the library purchase a new test or a more recent edition of an existing test. Supplier details, costs, and rationale for the purchase will expedite consideration.

Buyers of tests must meet particular levels of qualification to be eligible to purchase tests. The library is able to purchase tests by providing test companies with the name of a permanent faculty member who meets their qualifications for purchasing tests. This faculty member assumes responsibility for all aspects of appropriate test use, including administration, scoring, interpretation, and application of results. All test materials ordered by library staff are housed in the library and made available for check out to students and faculty who are training or being trained to use the kits.

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Rev. 9/19/2018