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Scope & Ordering Procedures

The Moustakas Johnson Library provides access to books, journals, audiovisual materials, psychological testing kits and electronic resources in psychology and related disciplines. The Library’s collection is comprised of approximately 7,000 circulating books, over 20 journal subscriptions, more than 270 instructional audiovisual materials and 44 different psychological tests. Browse the library’s catalog here.

MSP is committed to the continuing acquisition and development of computer information resources in its library. The library subscribes to a growing collection of online resources, including full-text electronic journals, and electronic books. The library provides students with on-site and remote online access to these resources.

Additionally, the library supports MSP’s software for psychological testing and statistics such as SPSS, Q-Local scoring for the MMPI-2-RF and MMPI-A, and scoring for the WAIS IV among others.

Special Collections

The library maintains several special collections, reflecting the research interests of affiliates of the school including The Clark Moustakas Collection. The library owns copies of doctoral dissertations and masters’ theses produced by candidates of MSP, as well as some titles from other institutions. Books authored by graduates of MSP are represented in the Alumni Collection. The Mindfulness Collection, supported by grant funding, brings together materials relating to the application of mindfulness principles to the practice of psychotherapy.


The library reserves the right to acquire, retain and discard any type of material necessary and valid to conduct research. Items may include those which may have questionable or controversial contents as held under the Intellectual Freedom Principles and American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.

Placing Orders

Suggestions for purchase of new material are welcome from all library users and members of the MSP community. Requests may be placed through an online form. Faculty may also make requests through a librarian.